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Founded in 2002, ProxyTab™, a service of Amplitude Research, Inc., provides independent election services and results certification for Internet voting and paper ballots. We are a full-service tabulation provider including design, print, mail, collection and proxy tabulation for paper ballots, and robust online voting services. We can also provide combined mail and online voting systems to maximize response rates and reach all voting participants.

ProxyTab™ primarily provides election services for private organizations such as member associations, vacation time shares, non-public shareholder corporations, credit unions, non-profits, labor unions, religious organizations, homeowner associations, and fraternal organizations. Our clients range in size from Fortune 100 companies to small associations. We participate in more than 600,000 mailings each year of election ballots, with many including a login option to our Internet voting system. Other frequently used options include online voting only with email notices, or mailed meeting notices with login instructions and online voting as the only option.

Please contact us to confidentially discuss your voting and proxy tabulations requirements so that we can customize a quote to meet your specific needs. ProxyTab™ is committed to providing each and every client with the highest quality election services using voting methods that result in the lowest proxy tabulation costs and most enjoyable voting experience. We can guide you to the best choice for cost savings based on your specific legal requirements.

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